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Boutique Management System

Boutique Management System
Simplify boutique operations with CRM, automated invoicing, measurements, and notifications.


  • Help Desk:
    Patient enquiry
    Appointments enquiry
    Investigation appointment enquiry
    Consultants enquiry
    Investigation enquiry
    In-patient enquiry
    Tariff information
    Packages information
    Visitor pass management
  • Accounts:
    Payments modes/details
    Patient billing details
    Sponsor conversions
    Part bill generation
    Multi sponsor billing
    Multi currency payment
    User-defined billing cycles
    Cash collection dashboards
    Can be interfaced with Pneumatic tube for dispatch
    Drug allergy alerts
  • Indoor Patient (IPD):
    Conversion from OP to IP
    NABH/JCI standards in registration process
    RFID wrist band for tracking of patient in the hospitals
    Bed allotment
    Inter-departmental consultation
    Bed transfers
    Requisition of drugs and consumables from the pharmacy
    Raising investigations and report viewing
    Maintenance of billing sheets for patients
    Dashboard for patient access
    Dashboard for billing activities/audit
    Dashboard for quick links (counts, revenue, discount etc)
    Discharge summary
  • Outdoor Patient (OPD):
    Dashboards for patients activity/sponsor activity
    Dashboards for user activity
    Dashboard for advances/payments/refunds etc
    UHID creation/merging/activation
    Schedules for doctors
    Patient evaluation
    Lab orders
    Medication orders
    Procedure orders
    Cross referral
    Token system (Digital Signage)
    Data reports on user activity/patient activity/doctor activity
    Reports on OPD/patient count/service billing/revenue
    NABHIJCI indicators for patient waiting time/turnaround time
  • Lab:
    Service and test setup
    Sponsor-wise service mapped with diagnostic tests
    Diagnostic packages using different tests
    Billing using lab orders from clinical module
    Requisition generation from lab order/bill
    Requisition creation based on facility wise, test wise, sample type wise
    Sample collection process
    Interfacing with lab analyzers
    Results fetching from analyzer data
    Results recheck process
    Results authorization
    Redo process from sample collection
    Status update
    Prints with NABL standards
    Print queue process
    Access previous lab results based on tests and UHID number
    Lab reagents and kits inventory management
    Dashboard for authorization
    Dashboard for TAT
    Dashboard for work in progress
    Analysis dashboard based on parameters and tests
  • Pharmacy:
    Provides a comprehensive online list of available drugs for the doctor
    Displays alternative drugs for the non available drugs
    Supports interfacing with drug databases
    The ABC, VED classification of medicines
    Auto-generation of alerts when minimum stock levels are reached
    Online requisition for stock order from the main store
    Provision to manage consignment items
    Barcode/RFID for the items
    Can be interfaced with Pneumatic tube for dispatch
    Drug allergy alerts

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